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    Edrington Distillers Ltd

    Edrington's current success stems from a heritage of exceptional people dedicated to quality, integrity, independence and innovation. The origins of the company stretch back to the mid-nineteenth century, when William Robertson founded the Robertson & Baxter company in Glasgow.

    The success of our brands requires the support of everyone in Edrington, from distillation and coopering, through to the brand and commercial management teams, our distribution teams and our partnerships with other organisations.

    Edrington's recruitment process is designed to provide us with the very best employees and applicants will be selected solely on the basis of their ability. We aim to have an approved and evaluated profile for every position, so applicants will be judged against clear, fair, objective criteria. The company welcomes applications from all backgrounds.

    Our benefits packages are tailored in each of our locations worldwide. They compare favourably with our competitors and include a competitive salary and attractive benefits.

    As part of our commitment to our communities, Edrington encourages fund-raising for charitable causes by pledging to match employee fundraising.

    Head Office

    • 2500 Great Western Road
    • Glasgow
    • G15 6RW

    Other Locations

    Year Founded

    • 1800


    • Production

    Core Skills

    Average age of Staff

    Male / Female Ratio

    Number of Staff

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