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What order are the vacancies returned in when I do a search?

The vacancies are listed by time posted. In other words the most recent are at the top. You can change the way they're ordered using the dropdown menu at the top of search result pages.

How do I know if I've already looked at a job?

The job title will turn grey if you've already looked at the details of the job either during this visit or previous ones. How long it stays that way though is dependent on what your expiry period's set to within your history file preferences. After the expiry period the job title will revert back to the normal colour.

If you're using Internet Explorer you can change your history preferences by going to Internet Options under Tools. Firefox users can set history options by going to Tools > Options > Privacy > History.

Why is the job title sometimes coloured light grey?

It means you've already viewed it, either in this visit or previously.

See "How do I know if I've already looked at a job?" above

Can I search for student placements or graduate jobs?

Yes, just enter the kind of job you want in the keyword field and look for jobs which mention student/graduate positions in their description. We don't have a specific section for student/graduate positions yet, but we will consider introducing one if there's sufficient demand.

I think you should include a section on beekeeping. Will you?

Yes, if enough people ask for it. We keep the number of sections limited to make the site easier to use, but if enough of our users want a new section included - they've got it!

The easiest way to find jobs which don't fit into one of our sectors is to use the keyword search.

How do I find jobs in my area?

You have several options. In the location dropdown list in the search engine you can choose from large areas like North East Scotland or West Central Scotland to give you a full return of available vacancies or you can select smaller, more defined areas like Fife or Ayrshire.

If you want to be really precise you can go to the advanced search, where you'll find a full list of towns at the bottom of the locations dropdown.

Some parts of the page appear to be missing, including adverts. Why's this happening?
I’m having difficulties using the site on my mobile?

For the best experience on a mobile device we recommend using our mobile site:


I've been offered a job by email and they want my bank account and other details about me. What should I do?

First off, if you're offered a job by email without having ever met representatives of the company be highly suspicious.

Secondly never offer any details about yourself (bank details, passport, NI number etc) in an email and not even by other routes until you're absolutely convinced the person who's offering you the job represents the company he claims to and that the company is genuine.

s1jobs has procedures in place to spot fraudsters but they get ever more sophisticated and some may slip through. If you have any suspicions about an employer please contact us and remember you should never divulge bank or personal identification details over the internet.

You can find out more about how fraudsters operate at

How do I apply for a job?

This varies from employer to employer, but it's always easy. Once you've opened up the vacancy details page simply click on the 'apply now' link and follow the instructions. It's very straightforward.

Most applications take place directly on our site and in those cases if you're logged in we can automatically attach your CV for you and store your application details for future reference. You don't have to be registered to apply for a job but it is easier for you if you are.

If the 'apply now' link isn't visible or you're looking for an alternative means of contact then scroll to the foot of the job description for more details.

Sometimes the 'apply now' link will take you through to the employer's own website where you should just follow the instructions there.

Im not happy with the way the recruiter has handled my application. What can I do?

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your dealings with a recruitment agency you may want to take it up with the Recruitment and Employers Confederation (REC) at This is the body which represents the recruitment industry in the UK and most agencies are members.

If you want to exclude a specific recruiter from your vacancy alerts use the keyword section of the advanced search to exclude that company's name when you're setting up your alert.

The advert doesn't mention the name of the employer. How do I find out more?

Sometimes employers choose not to reveal their identity when they recruit through agencies. Since our client in these cases is the agency, and not the employer, we know no more than you. Your best bet would be to contact the agency and ask who the employer is.

Why is there no ref. number?

The ref. numbers are provided by the agencies and employers, not by s1jobs. If there is no ref. number, it's because the employer didn't specify one, and you don't need one to apply for that job.

How do I know the recruiter has received my application?

The only sure fire way to ensure it has been received is to contact the recruiter/employer directly and ask for confirmation. We can guarantee it was sent when you receive a confirmation email from s1jobs saying your application has been sent and see the application in the 'jobs applied for' section of your account

Why haven't I received my copy application?

This is most likely a problem with your email service. Your application to recruiters is sent separately, and will arrive independently of your copy application.

Check the 'junk mail' or 'spam' folder in your email system to make sure it hasn't been incorrectly flagged as an unsolicited spam message. Also, make sure your mailbox isn't over its size limit and that you haven't set as a 'blocked sender'.

I saw a job a few days ago with a closing date of next week but it doesn't seem to be on the site any more. What should I do?

Job ads last for 4 weeks on s1jobs so sometimes they will come off the site before the closing date is reached. On other occasions the recruiter might take the advert down early because they've had such a good response. If the ad is no longer live then you'll need to get in touch with the recruiter directly to see if they're still accepting applications.

We recommend you apply for suitable jobs as soon as you see one or at least store the job in your account.

I applied for a job ages ago and haven't received a reply. What's going on?

Whether a recruiter chooses to acknowledge your application is not in our control I'm afraid. We do try to encourage good practice and good manners amongst our advertisers but at the end of the day it's up to them. Unless you hear otherwise from us you can be sure your email application was sent as we monitor this carefully. Remember to check your junk and spam folders and also your security settings, just in case your email settings are preventing an email reaching you. If it was a vacancy you're particularly keen on the best thing to do is to contact the recruiter directly to find out what the position is.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your dealings with a recruitment agency you may want to take it up with the Recruitment and Employers Confederation (REC) at This is the body which represents the recruitment industry in the UK and the majority of agencies are members.

I didn't save the details of a job I saw. Can you send them on to me?

Sorry, it's just not possible. The easiest way to avoid this problem though is to be signed in. Then, when you apply, the job description and details of your application will be automatically stored for you in your account.

Why can't I apply online for a job I've found?

We'd like to offer an online application service for all our jobs - but some employers haven't quite caught up with the New Media age yet. Jobs without the facility to apply online will inevitably become fewer with time.

Why do recruiters have problems opening my CV?

All recruiters can open Microsoft Word (.doc) files, so we recommend uploading your CV in this format. Most recruiters will also be able to open RTF or PDF files, but many will have problems with more obscure formats such as WordPerfect or Microsoft Works.

Keep an eye on the size of your file, as large files can cause problems for some email systems. We recommend a maximum of 300-500K. Files larger than 1MB are likely to cause problems for recruiters. Removing large images can help to keep down the size of your CV.

Just watch how you name your CV, try not to use spaces or add an additional .doc as this can confuse the system. Your CV name once saved should be along the lines of nameCV.doc

Help – I sent the wrong CV can you recall it?

Unfortunately not. The best thing to do would be to contact the employer directly and ask if you could submit a new application.

My CV was not attached to my application – why not?

Please ensure you have made your CV your Default CV, you can do this within the 'my account' section. That way when you are signed in and applying for a job, your Default CV will automatically attach. If you have more than one CV, make sure you select the correct one to be your Default CV. If you don't wish to do this, then you will have to manually attach your CV to any application.

I applied for a job but it’s not showing in my account – why not?

You need to be signed into your account whenever you apply for a job in order for the details to be saved in your account.

I sometimes have problems applying for jobs on external sites – I keep getting error messages.

There are a couple of things you can try:

  • Ensure you have disabled pop-up blockers
  • If you're using IE, try using a different internet browser for example, Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you still encounter difficulties, let us know. We will try their site however if it works for us, you will have to contact the employer directly for guidance as we can't troubleshoot an external site.

I'm having problems applying via my mobile/tablet:

For the best experience on a mobile or tablet device we recommend using our mobile site:

If you already have an account, make sure you're signed in when applying and we'll attach your CV automatically.

If you don't have an account or wish to attach a new CV then you can choose to attach your CV that is stored on your device or via a file hosting service such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive.

What do I do if I think I've been targeted by a job scam?

To stay safe in your job search we recommend that you visit SAFERjobs, a non-profit, joint industry and law enforcement organisation working to combat job scams. Visit the SAFERjobs website for information on common scams and to get free, expert advice for a safer job search.

My Account

Why do I have to set up an account?

You don't. Unlike many recruitment sites we don't insist you tell us all about yourself before allowing you to search and apply for vacancies.

OK, so why have an account at all?

There are lots of good reasons:

  1. It's free and always will be (even if we wanted to set a fee, we couldn't. It's illegal to charge jobseekers for recruitment services).
  2. You can create a Career Profile to get headhunted (see the 'getting headhunted' questions for details).
  3. You can set up job alerts via email or RSS.
  4. Speed up the application process with stored CV's, have all your applications automatically stored or make a vacancy shortlist with automatic closing date reminders built in.
  5. And... we will never share information about you with anyone else without your express permission.
What's RSS?

It's a way of getting alerts sent straight to your computer immediately the information (in this case vacancies) becomes available.

More about our RSS job alerts

I'm having problems signing in. Help!

If you're getting a message that your sign in failed, it's most likely a problem with your email address or password - check them carefully and try again. If you get the same problem a second time, use the forgotten password page to request a password reminder.

If you have trouble signing in we recommend you copy and paste the email address and password from your forgotten password message to the fields on the sign in page.

If you are repeatedly asked to sign in again after you've signed in successfully, it is probably because cookies are disabled in your browser. Your browser must support cookies, and the option must be enabled before you can sign in.

To enable cookies

Internet Explorer 5 or newer

  • Click Tools, and then click Internet Options.
  • Click the Security tab.
  • Click the Internet zone.
  • Select a security level other than High.


  • Click Tools, then Options...
  • Click Privacy, then expand the Cookies section by clicking the '+' symbol next to it.
  • Make sure the option "Allow sites to set cookies" is ticked
  • Make sure you don't have listed in the 'exceptions' section

Netscape 6

  • Click Edit, and then click Preferences...
  • Click the arrow next to the Advanced category to reveal the sub-menu
  • Click the Cookies sub-menu
  • Click Enable all cookies


  • Click the Chrome menu icon
  • Select Settings.
  • Near the bottom of the page, click Show advanced settings.
  • In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
  • Enable or disable cookies: To enable cookies, select Allow local data to be set (recommended).
  • Click Done to save.

More information about cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a website can save to your computer's hard disk to store information about your visits to that site. s1jobs uses a cookie to store information which uniquely identifies you to the site.

A cookie cannot be run like a program, nor can it deliver viruses. It can only be read by the website that saved it to your computer.

I've got more than one CV that I use. Is that a problem?

No, you can store multiple CV's and supporting documents. When applying for a job you simply use tickboxes to select which CV or documents you want to send with each application.

Can you help me create a CV?

Yes. Complete your Career Profile and at the end of the process you'll be able to download a professional CV for emailing, printing and storing. We'll also store a back-up copy for you in the CV & docs section of your s1jobs account.

How do I change an email job alert?

You can change your email frequency easily. Just go to the my account page and set your frequency using the dropdown menu.

It's not possible to change the search criteria of an existing job alert. Instead, we recommend deleting your old job alert and setting up another alert with your new criteria.

Email Alerts - Why am I not receiving the jobs I want?

Visit 'my account' to check the criteria that you have set for your job alerts. Remember to be really specific with your criteria, set up your job alert for your preferred location and industry sector or even add keywords so you only receive the jobs you'd be interested in.

If your criteria is not what it should be it is not possible to change the search criteria of an existing job alert. Instead, we recommend deleting your old job alert and setting up another alert with your new criteria.

I'm fed up getting sent the same jobs from the same recruiters in my email alert. What's going on?

Some jobs are re-advertised almost continuously because there are multiple vacancies to fill. Some recruiters choose to re-advertise positions very quickly because they believe it helps attract more candidates. If you find some recruiters are more guilty of this than others you can have them excluded from your alerts by setting up an alert via the advanced search option and using the keyword section to exclude their company name.

How do I stop receiving an email alert!

The easiest way is simply to cancel them using the link at the foot of the email itself. You can also go to your my account page and set the email frequency to 'never' or use the "remove selected" button to delete your stored search.

I want to unsubscribe

We'd like to think you'll never have a reason to unsubscribe (well maybe retirement) and that if you're not actively looking for a job you'd always find our services useful at least some time in the future. If you just want to stop email alerts then see "How do I stop receiving an email alert" above.

But if you're sure then just sign in and click on the unsubscribe from all s1 sites link on the right hand side of your account page. If you can be bothered we'd love to get an email from you telling us why you unsubscribed.

Are there any age limits on using s1jobs?

As long you're at least 16 years old you can apply for a job via s1jobs. However there is an age limit of 18 years on posting your Career Profile.

Career Profile

Whats it all about and how does it work?

The Career Profile database is your permanent shop-window to Scotland's employers. It's designed to progress your career throughout your working life and make sure you're offered as many exciting opportunities as possible.

The way it works is simple. You enter details of your career, where you're willing to work, for how much, your aspirations, your skills and other relevant details. Recruiters search the database for the type of people they're looking for and if you're one of them they'll get in touch. And don't worry you can remain anonymous throughout the process if you wish.

What does it cost?

Nothing. In the UK it's illegal to charge candidates for job placement services.

How do I make it happen?

Just go to My Account, sign in/register, and then follow the instructions to complete a Career Profile (shouldn't take more than 10 minutes). Once that's done sit back and wait.

Career Profile? CV? What's the difference? Why can't I just send you my CV?

You have 2 choices when creating a Career Profile. One of these is to upload your existing CV, but as well as your CV we need what's called "structured" data to ensure the whole process works well and this also allows recruiters to make meaningful comparisons across a range of candidates. The second option is for those who don't already have a CV.

I just want to create a CV. Is that OK?

Sure. You still fill in the same forms and then you would opt to prevent recruiters seeing your Career Profile. Your CV can then be downloaded. We would have to say though that surely you're as well to make your Career Profile live whilst you're at it?

Who has access to my candidate details - in other words who can 'headhunt' me?

s1jobs monitors all recruiters posting vacancies to ensure that only bona fide employees can access your Career Profile. Any employer who advertises on s1jobs gets automatic access to the database, so hundreds of employers from throughout Scotland are using it every month to track down the right staff. Recruitment consultancies can also buy access but that's not as common.

We only allow access to organisations who are looking to fill genuine salaried positions. We specifically don't allow access to companies that are offering commission-only jobs, or companies trying to sell a product or service. We know you're only interested in job offers so that's all you'll get. If a company contacts you in relation to anything else please get in touch with us immediately and we will remove their access privileges.

You don't list one of my skills. What am I supposed to do?

We've spent a considerable amount of time trying to come up with complete lists of all the main workskills within specific areas of expertise. We recognise though we're bound to have missed some so if yours isn't there click Suggest a new skill?, and fill in the details. We'll either add your suggestion to the list or suggest an alternative.

We aim to get back to you as soon as possible and in the meantime you can carry on filling in your Career Profile and return to the specific skills section later on.

But what if my boss uses the service and sees my name? They'll go nuts.

Don't worry. You don't have to reveal your identity. If you choose to remain anonymous then you'll only be contacted by email and the recruiter won't see your email address. Then it's up to you whether you want to respond. Your current employer's name will also be hidden from view.

What's the difference between Career Profile and Express?

Virtually nothing. Career Profile Express is for candidates who already have a CV. Express saves time by extracting key information from your CV document.

If you don't have a CV don't worry, simply use our regular Career Profile process to register. You'll also have the option to automatically create a CV at the end of the process.

I've now got a great job so I don't want to be headhunted any more. What do I do?

Congratulations. To help your career keep on progressing we would recommend you simply update your profile with details of your new job and leave it live. There could easily be something even better just round the corner if not straightaway then in time.

If you definitely don't want headhunted at the moment then sign in to your account, and in the Career Profile box on your account summary page click on your career profile status to suspend your Career Profile. There's also an option there to delete all your details permanently.

I set up my Career Profile months ago and no one's headhunted me. What's going on?

We obviously can't guarantee that every Career Profile will be in demand but if after a few months you've had no response at all then we would suggest you sign in and review your career profile.

You may want to double check you've selected the most appropriate skill sector for yourself and that you've not been too restrictive in creating your candidate profile - in other words have you specified only one city or region instead of multiple options or 'All Scotland'? Would you consider both permanent and contract work? Are all your skills listed?

I've been headhunted by a company who say they have a job for me but want more details about me, including my National Insurance number. What should I do?

You should never divulge personal information (eg NI number, bank account details) to a prospective employer until you're absolutely certain they are a genuine company or consultancy, even if they are claiming to have seen your CV on s1jobs. s1jobs vets all companies who use their services but we can't vet all their employees and it is possible that some CV's may get passed to 3rd parties.

And as always you should be highly suspicious of any job offer made by email or phone until you've met representatives from the company. For more information on identity theft go to

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Please note: We are not a recruitment agency, so please don't email your CV or job requirements to us, there's nothing we can do with them. Simply set up a career profile or job alerts and let the jobs find you.

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