At least 1000 new apprenticeships in Glasgow

Young people must be trained in the skills which reflect the city's new economy according to Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell.

He told business leaders the changing face of industry and commerce in Glasgow demanded more education, training and employment options.

He told a Chamber of Commerce business breakfast: "While I want to see traditional apprenticeships - that is joinery and so on - I also want to see more apprenticeships which reflect the new Glasgow economy.

"While once young male school-leavers would have expected to work in the shipbuilding industry, I see no reason school-leavers nowadays should not have that same expectation for our financial services sector, to take just one example.

"This will mean building much better links between our schools and private companies, as well as our colleges and universities."

Mr Purcell has already said Glasgow aims to have Scotland's first Skills Academy to offer vocational training to pupils and target Neets - young people not in education, employment or training.

He told the business leaders the council would play its part by creating at least 1000 apprenticeships to support these efforts - but the bosses had to do their share.

Mr Purcell also said he intended to boost childcare to help people get into or stay in work by making it available at weekends if Labour kept control of the council after the May 3 elections.

He said it would help to boost employment levels by allowing parents who did not have traditional nine-to-five jobs easier access to childcare.

He is planning three pilot schemes across the city to assess demand, with the service being rolled out to other parts of the city if required.

It will be primarily aimed at the under-10s.

Mr Purcell said: "One of the biggest obstacles people face in getting into or staying in work is finding good quality, affordable childcare.

"We no longer live in a society where people only work Monday to Friday so council services should change to reflect this.

"Our top priority is getting more people into work. Providing more childcare will help us achieve this and help communities across Glasgow."

The new service would be co-ordinated by the council, working with the voluntary sector.