BBC's, Up for Hire, offers a range of paid work placements throughout Scotland for unemployed young adults

There's been a lot of gloomy news about unemployment recently with latest figures showing nearly a million 16 - 24 year olds are out of work. But a new BBC3 series called UP FOR HIRE LIVE is trying to do their bit by working with a number of well known companies who are offering paid work placements via their website. There's a range of 23 opportunities being offered by seven top UK companies in the areas of retail, leisure and technology; Hilton, Virgin Media, Greggs, Argos, Starbucks, Scottish Power and Timpson are all supporting the UP FOR HIRE LIVE initiative with many opportunities across Scotland.

Each placement lasts for a minimum of three months and all are paid.

It's a way of people getting their foot in the door and hopefully kick-starting their career. 

UP FOR HIRE LIVE will be filming many of the interviews and showing the outcome on the series which goes out live from 17th October. The producers say "Obviously a TV series can't solve the problem of unemployment but we aim to shine a light on it and offer practical help on how to improve your chances of getting a job.  The series will be interactive and have access to business experts and a wide range of companies both in the studio and via social media."

Presenter Richard Bacon will hit the BBC Three screens at 9pm on 17th October, and working alongside him will be Radio One reporter Tina Daheley. For this week Radio One's breakfast show will also be running an Up for Hire theme and will be focusing on youth unemployment. The BBC Three programme is broadcast live each evening so Richard and Tina can respond to questions asked by the viewers immediately and the series will be as current and topical as possible.