Clyde base gets all UK nuke subs - 1000 extra jobs at Faslane in defence switch

Scotland is to become home to all the UK's nuclear submarines, bringing 1000 jobs to Faslane on the Clyde.

Three Trafalgar-class submarines will transfer to Faslane from their Devonport base by 2017, following a review, the Ministry of Defence said.

They will serve alongside the Vanguard-class submarines currently at Faslane and the new Astute-class boats under construction.

Around 1000 extra personnel will be based in Faslane by around 2017, the Royal Navy said. The base already has 4000 people.

The announcement was welcomed by Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians, who said it was "great news" and an employment boost for Scotland, while the Tories called for a major review of the nation's defence needs.

But it was criticised by Angus Robertson, the SNP's defence spokesman at Westminster. He said: "The MoD has been found guilty of repeated nuclear safety breaches and there will be concern at proposals to bring more nuclear submarines to Faslane."

The Royal Navy has more than 80 warships and submarines based in Faslane, Devonport and Portsmouth. A 2007 review concluded all three should remain in operation.

The youngest of the seven Trafalgar-class submarines, HMS Trenchant, Talent and Triumph, will transfer to Faslane, with the four others remaining in Devonport until the end of their service.

There are around 120 crew attached to each submarine.

The successor-class of deterrent submarines, which will replace the Vanguard fleet, will also be based in Faslane .

Commodore Chris Hockley, naval base commander at Faslane, said there was a "very positive outlook" for the base.