The Personal Touch

Why network?
You may find it surprising, but it is estimated that only a fraction of all available vacancies are advertised. Networking is a widely-used method of recruiting, as it is cheaper than advertising or using agencies.

You need to get networking too, as it is a powerful way of building relationships that can assist you in your job search. You might not feel comfortable about it, but you will find that most people you contact will be happy to help you out.

Talking to your own family and friends for information is a good starting point for networking. Finding out what they do, who they work for and whether there are any jobs going where they are employed, will help in your job search.

Tips for Networking

  • Think about what information you require and then link this to anyone in your immediate network of family and friends who can help your research. Also ask them if they have any contacts who may know something about the job you are researching.
  • You then need to start making contact with the people you have identified. If you do not know the individual well, you can still make contact by mentioning the person you do know well and that they had recommended you meet them.
  • Prepare some questions, so you don't waste your contact's time. The process should be mutually beneficial, so also offer information in return.
  • Ask them if they have any contacts you could follow up.
  • Keep in regular contact.

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