Fife Council jobs

More information on working for Fife Council.

Rise to the Challenge

We employ 20,000 people to provide 900 different services to 360,000 people and, we have one of the highest overall customer satisfaction ratings for a Council in the UK. The services we provide range from education, social work, housing, and community services to transportation, looking after the environment and developing the economy.

We work with an annual budget in the region of one billion pounds and we pride ourselves on providing value for money services. Providing the services and support that make Fife a great place to live, work and visit, is a challenging job, but also an exciting one. We've some serious ambitions for the future - we want our region to inspire others, to lead the way and to be the best it can be. And we need people like you to help us achieve our vision.

We are a large organisation and have a wide range of job roles from teachers, social care workers, community education workers, and planners, to support roles, like accountancy, IT and HR, not to mention communications and marketing, and law.

If you're looking for a real career challenge, you'll find it here in Fife!