Glasgow City Council jobs

More information on working for Glasgow City Council.

Glasgow City Council is one of Scotland's largest employers offering a diverse range of challenging and rewarding jobs and careers at all levels across the full range of Services.

We have two visions, which explain what we want to achieve. One is for our customers, the people of Glasgow, and the other is for our employees.

For our customers, we want to:

'create a prosperous city for all Glaswegians'.

That means creating a healthy, clean and safe city, with a strong economy, where citizens of all ages and backgrounds can work, learn and thrive.

To make that happen, we need all of our employees to work together and provide the best possible services to every Glaswegian. For our employees we want to:

'inspire them to make the difference every day'

That means creating an environment where they can contribute their ideas, be creative, make decisions and be motivated to take responsibility for providing services to our customers.