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New s1jobs campaign launches

s1jobs today reveals a new advertising campaign showcasing the talents of Scottish cycling sensation Danny MacAskill.

The campaign, with the theme ‘Love your job’, appears on TV and in a special extended YouTube version from Monday 7th September, and shows MacAskill performing a jaw dropping series of stunts on his less than ordinary journey to work. The ads were filmed in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

MacAskill unexpectedly took the internet by storm after posting a video of himself performing street trials stunts around Edinburgh. The footage has since been viewed nine and a half million times.

Mark Smith, s1 Managing Director said: “Danny MacAskill is an incredible Scottish Talent, which is exactly what s1jobs is all about. We’re proud to give his skills the platform they deserve.“

David Craik, Head of Marketing at s1 said: “The new campaign puts clear blue water between s1jobs and its competitors. Rather than focus on the negative aspects of changing jobs, we set out to create an inspirational campaign that showcases Scottish talent at its best.”

The extended YouTube film can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG9mhcim3dQ

The TV ad, along with further information, here: www.s1jobs.com/dannymacaskill

Date posted: 09.09.2009



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