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Busiest ever Autumn recorded

s1jobs has hailed the success of its latest advertising campaign after the site recorded its busiest ever autumn period. The ‘Love your job’ adverts, which featured Scottish stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill and ran throughout September and October, helped deliver an 8% increase in traffic, or around 80,000 extra site visits.

The extended ad has been viewed almost 300,000 times on YouTube, meaning it’s already one of the most-watched Scottish commercials ever on the site. YouTube users have left hundreds of positive comments and given the ad an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

David Craik, s1’s head of marketing said: “Talent is what s1jobs is all about, and showcasing exciting Scottish talent – both visually and musically – in the ad has helped us record one of our most successful campaigns ever.

“The site was already way ahead of its competitors in online recruitment so to have grown our audience even further is no mean feat. And the reception the ad has received on YouTube has been the icing on the cake.”

The commercial was created by The Leith Agency, produced by The Gate and directed by Mark Jewitt. Brian Coane, partner at Leith said: “The brief from s1jobs was to make an ad that built on their track record for well-loved ads. The feedback has been good and the stats show that it's captured a lot of attention."

Date posted: 01.12.2009



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