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Record s1jobs traffic

Scotland’s leading recruitment site, s1jobs.com has recorded its busiest ever day this week, receiving over 50,000 visits in one day. This figure builds on a successful year for s1jobs in 2008, which saw an 18% increase in traffic year on year.

Mark Smith, s1 Managing Director said, ‘It’s a difficult time for job seekers and these figures show that we are still recognised as the first place to look for jobs in Scotland.

This comes as a result of investing in our product and offering the best user experience along with more Scottish jobs than anyone else.

The increased traffic levels will in turn result in better return on investment for recruiters, as application rates continue to grow. In the current climate, we need to continue to offer our clients the best value for money and our plans for 2009 will ensure this happens.‘

s1jobs launched in January 2001 and immediately became the leading recruitment website in Scotland. More than 2,000 businesses – including Scotland’s top 5 PLCs – recruit through the site.

Date posted: 07.01.2009



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