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All search options will help you narrow down your job search. Leaving options at their default values will increase the number of jobs returned. We recommend only selecting options where you have a clear preference.

If you want to search more than one city or area of Scotland then click 'or ' to select a second choice. If you're only interested in very specific locations (eg Motherwell or Arbroath) you'll find them listed below the dashed line in the locations list.
Core Skill
This represents the type of job you're looking for not the industry sector you want to work in. So for example If you're an accountant looking for work with an engineering company, select accountancy rather than engineering/technical.
Some core skills also have job types/specialisms attached. You should select as many of these as are relevant to your job search.
Salary Range
Enter the lowest salary you'd work for and the highest you could realistically expect. Make sure you enter a gross annual salary in full figures (eg 12000 not £12K).
Keyword Search
The keyword search can be particularly useful if you have specific skills (eg Photoshop) or qualifications that an employer would be looking for (eg ACCA). And by using the "none of these words" box it can also save you time by eliminating jobs which require skills you don't have or aren't interested in using.