How Euro 2024 is Driving Job Growth and Economic Gains across Scottish media
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How Euro 2024 is Driving Job Growth and Economic Gains across Scottish media

As Euro 2024 approaches, the ripple effects are already being felt across various sectors, particularly in broadcasting. STV Group, a leading media company, is set to experience a significant boost in advertising revenue and overall performance, thanks to the high-profile event. This surge presents a wealth of job opportunities and economic benefits, not just for STV Group but for the broader job market as well. For example, those interested in Media jobs in Scotland might find new opportunities arising in the regional broadcasting and media sectors due to this event.

Advertising Revenue Surge

Euro 2024 is projected to increase STV Group's advertising revenue by 15-20% in the second quarter, following a 5% growth in the first quarter. This upward trend is a promising sign for job seekers, particularly in the advertising and media sectors. Increased revenue often translates into expanded teams and new roles, making it an opportune time for those looking to enter or advance in these fields.

Job Opportunities in Media

One of the most exciting developments is the anticipated job growth within STV Studios, the production arm of STV Group. With future revenues of £86 million secured and a target of £140 million by 2026, STV Studios is on a growth trajectory. This expansion will likely result in a variety of job openings in production, broadcasting, and digital content creation. 

Across Scotland, companies need jobseekers for roles like copywriter, UX designer, reporter, motion graphic designer, researcher, production coordinator, multi-media journalist, visual designer, social media manager and many more. For those with skills in these areas, now is the time to explore the opportunities available on s1jobs.

Cost Savings and Financial Health

STV Group's commitment to cost savings further enhances its financial health, ensuring a sustainable business model. This stability not only benefits current employees but also makes the company an attractive prospect for new hires. As STV Group continues to cut costs and boost revenue, job security and growth prospects within the company look promising.

Sports Broadcasting and Digital Advertising

Euro 2024 will also showcase STV Group's sports broadcasting capabilities, particularly with its exclusive live coverage of the Germany v Scotland clash. This high-profile event is expected to attract a large audience, further boosting advertising revenue and creating additional job opportunities in sports broadcasting. Additionally, the company's digital advertising segment, including video-on-demand advertising on the STV Player, is projected to grow by around 10% in the first half of the year. This growth underscores the increasing importance of digital advertising, opening up new avenues for employment in this dynamic sector.

Content Creation and Future Prospects

STV Studios is not just riding the wave of Euro 2024; it's also making significant strides in content creation. With drama series like "The Witness" for Netflix and "Amadeus" for Sky in production, the company is set to generate additional job opportunities. These projects highlight the diverse range of roles available, from scriptwriting and directing to technical support and post-production.

In summary, the economic impact of Euro 2024 on STV Group is multifaceted, leading to a surge in advertising revenue, job opportunities, and cost savings. The broadcasting industry, particularly in sports and digital advertising, is poised for growth, making it an exciting time for job seekers. Visit s1jobs to explore the latest opportunities in the media sector and take the next step in your career.

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