Sofant leading the way - Job Opportunities in Edinburgh’s Engineering and Technology Sector
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Sofant leading the way - Job Opportunities in Edinburgh’s Engineering and Technology Sector

In an era where technology is rapidly advancing, Sofant Technologies, a pioneering Scottish company, is making headlines with its groundbreaking satellite technology. This innovative firm, which spun out from the University of Edinburgh in 2011, has developed a satellite antenna system that promises to reduce power consumption by more than 70% compared to existing systems. As Sofant transitions from development to commercialization, it stands as a beacon of opportunity in Scotland's job market, particularly within the satellite technology sector.

Sofant Technologies: A Beacon of Innovation

Sofant Technologies has recently secured £3.4 million in funding from investors including EMV Capital, Scottish Enterprise, and Kelvin Capital. This financial boost will support the completion of their satellite antenna development and facilitate the production and shipment of this innovative technology. The company’s current workforce of 27 employees is expected to grow, signaling a surge in job opportunities. 

Expanding Edinburgh Job Opportunities in Engineering and Technology

Edinburgh offers many engineering and technical opportunities to job seekers like Electrical Technician, Geotechnical Engineer, Mechanical Fabricato, IT Infrastructure Engineer, Control Systems Engineer and many more. Roles and skills sets are varied.

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As Sofant Technologies continues to innovate and expand, the engineering and technology sector in Scotland is set to thrive. For those seeking new career opportunities, now is the time to explore the possibilities within this burgeoning industry. 

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