Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

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Komment, Blythswood New Town, Glasgow City

  • Full time
  • Permanent
  • Onsite working

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Full Job Description

Komment is looking for a full-stack software engineer with strong expertise in Typescript, Python, Node.js and AWS.

  • Your algorithms game should be top-notch.

  • You derive joy from building new things and thrive in an early-stage startup environment., Design, build, and maintain robust and scalable server-side components using React, Node.js and Express.

  • Comfortably move and program across the stack, from database and cloud infra to frontend UI and gitops.

  • Develop, debug and maintain proprietary algorithms that notably advance the output of our platform.

  • Identify and resolve issues, streamline performance, and continuously refine codebase to maximize efficiency.

  • Proactively participate in code reviews, sharing insights, and contribute to our coding best practices.

  • Utilize your strong AWS knowledge to optimize and manage our cloud infrastructure, ensuring the seamless operation of backend components.

  • Stay updated on industry trends and emerging technologies, proposing innovative solutions to enhance our AI-driven platform.

    As a Senior Software Engineer at Komment, you'll play a pivotal role in developing and maintaining our developer productivity platform.

  • We seek an ambitious problem-solver with a positive attitude who understands the value of joining a well-funded disruptive startup at an early stage.
  • You must be a self-starter who consistently demonstrates ownership across the tech stack.

  • You have an eye for detail and a fire in the belly to build the best product out there.

  • You have an insatiable desire to constantly learn more and contribute to the success of your team., Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science, engineering or an equivalent field.

  • Extremely strong proficiency in Typescript, Node.js and SQL, backed by a portfolio showcasing impactful projects.

  • Expertise at developing novel algorithms and debugging complex codebases.

  • Demonstrated experience with AWS services and deployments that enhance the efficiency of cloud-hosted applications.

  • Familiarity with CI / CD, including gitops, build tools, containers, package managers, and version control systems.

  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced startup environment, adapting quickly to shifting priorities and taking a proactive approach.

  • Strong problem-solving skills coupled with a creative mindset.

  • Excellent communication skills for effective collaboration and technical discussions.

  • Fluency in English is a must.

  • We love seeing side projects. Highlight yours when you apply!

    Komment is on a mission to disrupt the developer productivity landscape by taking away the burden documenting software off the shoulders of coders.

    Our cutting-edge technology is reshaping software engineering best practices across companies big and small. With strong backing from prominent VCs, we are building out a lean operation brimming with innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

  • Enjoy a highly competitive salary package significantly above the local average, including equity options and bonuses.

  • Access continuous opportunities for growth and learning - including conferences and workshops - customized to your specific career goals.

  • Receive a laptop refresh bonus every two years to purchase a new machine of your choice.

  • Top-notch life and health insurance coverage, and unlimited access to a co-working space of your choice.