Shift Manager

Pizza Hut

Shift Manager

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Pizza Hut, Bellsquarry, West Lothian

  • Full time
  • Permanent
  • Onsite working

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Full Job Description

At Pizza Hut Delivery, our mission is to bring joy to hungry individuals while ensuring that our team members have a fantastic experience during every shift. As a Shift Leader, you'll have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the role, forge lifelong friendships, and become part of a community that shares a love for pizza, where everyone is welcome.

We aim to create an exhilarating environment that supports your personal and professional growth, providing you with the tools to reach your desired destination.

The great news is that our exceptional training programs are designed to equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your role. Accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device, our world-class training will empower you to succeed. With coaching and development provided by your Restaurant General Manager (RGM), you'll be leading your first shift in no time.

Because when you Rise, we all Rise.

So, are you ready to rise?

In the role of Shift Leader, you'll be the captain of our pizza-loving team, making sure every shift is a slice of perfection! Your leadership skills will bring the ingredients together for smooth operations, happy customers, and a fun-filled atmosphere that's "dough-lightful" to be a part of. Collaboration and organization will be your secret sauce, ensuring our pizza-making process is as "toppings-tastic" as can be.

As the "supreme" overseer of the shift, you'll have eagle eyes and sharp ears, making sure our team knows their tasks and deadlines like the back of their hands. No delays in our delivery game! You'll "knead" the skills to manage our processes and technology, ensuring our pizzas are whipped up in record time.

With your keen eye for detail, you'll be the "crust-odian" of product quality, freshness, and upholding our scrumptious standards. Our customers will be satisfied with the exceptional pizzas delivered to their doors.

But it's not just about being a leader, you'll also be the motivator and mentor for our team members. Giving them "dough-licious" feedback and recognition in the moment, you'll create an environment where work becomes play! Training and uplifting our new team members will be a major part of your role, and leading by example and using clear communication will be your secret ingredient.

So, get ready to be the "dough-light" of every shift as the Shift Leader, bringing the slice of fun, friendship, and fantastic pizzas to our Pizza Hut Delivery family.

It's time to create some "pizza-rific" memories and make work an absolute blast!

Being a Shift Leader is all about making your team "grate" in your "pizza-tastic" hut! With exceptional leadership skills and a knack for connecting with people, you'll bring the best version of yourself to the present moment. After receiving awesome training on becoming a top-notch team coach, you'll be ready to ensure that every "crustomer" you serve has an absolutely amazing experience.

You already possess many of the qualities needed for this role. A deep passion for pizza and people. We're all about cultivating a culture that brings individuals together and celebrates the unique flavors that define us, well... us! We believe in continuously working, growing, and thinking outside the (pizza) box. This means that the future you desire is within your grasp, regardless of who you are or what you aspire to achieve.

But this is just the beginning - the first step on your path to an incredibly successful leadership career. We'll provide you with all the support and flexibility you need, offering learning opportunities both on-the-job and through online and classroom training.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Ensuring excellence in the kitchen and wowing customers with outstanding service.

  • Becoming a guru of standards and procedures, consistently delivering nothing short of exceptional performance on every shift.

  • Coaching and guiding our team members to unleash their brilliance, just like you.

  • Going all-out to achieve remarkable results during every shift, surpassing even the most challenging targets.

  • Maintaining a laser focus on Health & Safety and Food Hygiene regulations, ensuring we meet the highest standards.