How to Write a Job Ad to Attract Top Talent

Why is having a great job ad important?

In today’s competitive job market, standing out as an employer is crucial. Your job ad serves as the first point of contact with potential candidates, making it a powerful tool for attracting top talent.

Remember, the goal is not only to attract candidates but to attract the right candidates who will thrive in your organisation!

Writing a Job Ad

This guide will walk you through the essential elements of crafting a job ad that not only captures attention but also resonates with job seekers. We have included pro tips for using our recruiting platform – x1recruiter.

Job Title

A job title is the first thing job seekers notice so make sure it’s clear, concise, relevant, and engaging.
A well-crafted job title provides instant clarity to job seekers about the nature of the position. It also increases the chances of your job appearing in search results.
Ambiguous or overly creative titles can confuse potential candidates, and deter them from reading the rest of the job ad.

Company Logo

Ensure you use a current, high-resolution logo. A job ad with a clear and professional logo is visually appealing, and job seekers are more likely to remember and consider opportunities from companies with a strong visual identity.

Pro Tip: To upload your company logo to the x1recruiter portal, click company settings on the left-hand-side dashboard. Click browse, select the file, then click open. You’ll then see options to resize and/or reposition the logo before saving it to your company account.

Job Description

A job description shouldn’t just be a list of tasks. It’s your opportunity to paint a picture of the role, setting the stage for attracting top talent.
Highlight the key responsibilities and what makes the role exciting.
What sets your company apart? Include details of benefits, perks, and any unique offerings.
Be genuine and authentic in your language. Avoid overly formal or generic phrases.
We recommend using headings, bullet points, and keeping sentences short. Remember, many job seekers use their phones!

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Clearly outline the qualifications, skills, and experience required for the position.
Differentiate between “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves.” This helps candidates self-assess their suitability for the role.
You may also want to include any personality traits you wish candidates to possess. For example, in advertising, some of the skills needed for a successful career include creativity, teamwork, communication skills, social media skills, and commercial awareness.


The location of a job is often a primary consideration for job seekers. Including this information ensures that you only attract candidates who are willing and able to work in that specific location.

Pro Tip: On the x1recruiter portal, job locations are added by typing a postcode in the location field and then selecting a location from a drop-down list.
If you can’t find the location you’re looking for on the list, try using only the first three digits of the postcode for a broader search.


Including salary or pay rate information on a job ad helps candidates assess if the position aligns with their financial expectations.
Some companies prefer to provide a salary range or band to allow for negotiation, while others may list a specific figure.
While not every detail of a compensation package needs to be disclosed, providing a clear indication of the salary or salary range is a best practice that contributes to a more efficient and transparent hiring process.

  • £14 per hour
  • £35,000 per annum
  • £35,000 per annum pro rata
  • £30,000–£36,000 per annum

If there’s flexibility in the salary or if you’re open to negotiation, mention this in the job ad. This will prepare candidates to discuss their salary expectations during the hiring process.

Pro Tip: x1recruiter allows you to include a salary type (per hour, day, week, or year) as well as a salary number (range or specific value) on your job ad.

Employment Hours

By specifying the hours and schedule in your ad, you will attract only candidates who are comfortable with and interested in the outlined hours.
Candidates, now more than ever, value work-life balance. If the position involves flexibility or alternative work arrangements such as flexible hours, remote work or hybrid working arrangements, mentioning this can be a positive selling point.

x1recruiter provides only two options for work hours: full-time and part-time; however, you can add more details, such as a work schedule or alternative work arrangements, in the detailed job description.

Contract Type

Candidates want to know the nature of their employment. Specifying whether a position is permanent or contract (seasonal, fixed-term, or maternity cover, for example) provides clarity, helping candidates understand the commitment level and duration of the role.
Job seekers often use contract type as a filter when searching for positions therefore including this information helps candidates quickly identify roles that match their preferences.
It also helps manage expectations, particularly for individuals seeking either short-term opportunities or long-term career commitments.

Pro Tip: In the more details section, x1recruiter will prompt you to select a working location to be displayed on your job ad, alongside the employment hours and contract type.
The options are on-site, home, remote, and hybrid working.

How To Apply

Provide a clear and straightforward application process in your ad. Include details on how to apply, the closing date for applications, and any specific requirements.

Pro Tip: x1recruiter offers three application methods: applying directly on the s1/x1 website, applying on a company website, and applying by telephone.
When uploading your job ad, select your preferred option, then insert a recipient email address, application URL or telephone number.
For GDPR compliance, your contact details will not be visible on the s1/x1 website.

Closing Date

Including a closing date in your job ad ensures that all applicants have an equal opportunity to be considered for the position, and it creates a level playing field by making candidates aware of the deadline for submitting their applications.

Pro Tip: If you don’t select a closing date on x1recruiter, your ad will automatically close after 28 days.

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