Top 3 in-demand industries

Top 3 in-demand industries to work for in 2024

Scotland’s job market in 2024 is expected to see significant growth in the technology and renewable energy sectors, with an estimated 20% increase in job openings in these industries compared to previous years. Choosing a career in one of Scotland’s in-demand industries can offer long-term job security, competitive salaries, and opportunities for professional growth in a rapidly evolving market. Here are the top 3 in-demand industries to work for in 2024:

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Technology and IT

Scotland’s tech sector is one of the fastest growing in the UK, with Edinburgh and Glasgow recognized as significant tech hubs.

As technology advances, so do the types of career opportunities. With a range of skills needed to work within this industry, from problem-solving to technical knowledge, current roles in this industry are also always evolving. Making it no surprise that Technology and IT are again, an in-demand industry to work for in 2024.

What types of jobs are growing within this industry?

With the rise of cyber threats, Scotland has seen increased investment in cybersecurity. The Scottish Government has launched initiatives like the Cyber Resilience Strategy, aiming to make Scotland a world leader in cybersecurity by 2025. It is resulting in jobs like Cybersecurity as in-demand as ever in Scotland.


By 2024, the proportion of people aged 65 and over will increase significantly. With a rapidly ageing population, Scotland’s healthcare sector faces increased demand for geriatric care and related services.

The Scottish Government is actively investing in the healthcare sector to address the needs of the ageing population. Initiatives include funding for care homes, training programs for healthcare workers, and policies to improve the quality of elderly care services.

What types of jobs are growing within this industry?

Those aged 85 and over represent the fastest-growing age group in Scotland. This demographic shift is driving demand for healthcare services tailored to the needs of older adults. These jobs include Elderly Care Nurses and Care Home staff.

Renewable Energy

In 2022, 97% of Scotland’s electricity consumption was generated from renewable sources. This achievement is mostly due to Scotland’s extensive investment in wind power, hosting some of the largest onshore and offshore wind farms in Europe.

The renewable energy sector is a major contributor to job creation and economic growth in Scotland. It supports a wide range of roles, from engineering and construction to project management and environmental consultancy.

What types of jobs are growing within this industry?

The renewable energy sector in Scotland is expected to continue its growth in 2024 and beyond. With Scotland’s continued commitment to renewable energy, jobs like Wind Energy Technicians, Renewable Energy Engineers and Solar Energy Technicians are all in demand in Scotland in 2024.


Scotland’s tech sector continues to thrive, driven by innovation hubs in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The healthcare industry sees high demand for roles, fuelled by Scotland’s ageing population. Scotland leads in renewable energy, particularly wind power. Creating jobs for wind energy technicians, and renewable energy engineers, supported by government targets and investment.

These industries not only offer significant job opportunities but also contribute to Scotland’s economic growth and sustainable development goals in 2024 and beyond.

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