Having fun with food and drink

Ann Carrigan   March 30, 2017  

Food & Beverage Supervisor. It sounds like the kind of vacancy Willy Wonka would share on s1jobs – special skills needed for the chocolate factory include harmonising with Oompa Loompas. While most Food and Beverage Supervisors or Managers will never enjoy a gondola ride on a river of hot chocolate,… Read more »

Six reasons to become a tour guide

Ann Carrigan   March 30, 2017  

Whether it’s showing tourists the sights and sounds of Edinburgh or Glasgow from an open top bus, touring the Highlands and Islands in a luxury coach or working in the great outdoors in exotic locations across the planet, being a tour guide is a role well worth considering.  What could… Read more »

Launch your property career

Ann Carrigan   March 29, 2017  

Anyone who has experience of working in the property sector will know selling a house that does not even exist yet is probably one of the more challenging sales scenarios. Thankfully, that’s where the show home comes into its own. This flagship building serves to allow prospective buyers to experience… Read more »

Case study: the pioneering work of East Park

Ann Carrigan   March 28, 2017  

If you’re an occupational therapist, day centre assistant, social worker or childcare practitioner, s1jobs is where to find your next move. Every day there are exciting new vacancies in the childcare and social services sector. None of these jobs are easy but they are all rewarding and they make a… Read more »

Develop your personal PR brand

Ann Carrigan   March 27, 2017  

How’s your personal brand holding up? A little saggy round the edges? Or does it fit as well as it ever did? If it’s beginning to resemble your favourite band T-shirt with moth-eaten holes and worn lettering, it might be time for an overhaul. Like it or not we all… Read more »

Want to be a high earner? Become a Marketing Director

Ann Carrigan   March 27, 2017  

Every so often league tables of the best paid professions appear. According to one of the most recent, high flyers really are what they say they are. Yes, pilots, who earn an average of £91,000, come out tops. Nobody is going to argue they don’t earn their money. Spending your… Read more »