The value in giving more power to the people

Michelle Green   November 22, 2016  

What a difference a day makes! Recently, news channels and social media sites have been overwhelmed with coverage of the US Election – and, of course, its truly unexpected outcome. What’s been evident throughout, whatever our political persuasion, is the existence of a need for leaders who truly empower people…. Read more »

How to do business with global partners

Michelle Green   November 22, 2016  

Taking a holdiay abroad rarely involves having to think about the impact wearing socks with sandals will have on local sensibilities. When it comes to business, however, going global is a huge step for any company, and any Managing Director or Chief Executive will plan their forward strategy very carefully…. Read more »

10 essential interview questions for engineers

Michelle Green   November 22, 2016  

When interviewing for an engineering position you’ll be asked technical questions. Employers need to gauge your knowledge and experience of the work you’ll carry out. You’ll also be faced with some age-old favourites. These are to assess your work ethic and ‘soft skills’, such as communication. Basically, they offer an… Read more »

Veterinary Nurse – the job for animal lovers or not?

Michelle Green   November 22, 2016  

Patting pretty puppies and cuddling cute kittens as they get their annual boosters is what many folks think of when it comes to a veterinary nurse. Of course, there is a caring role involved with vet nurses, as with their counterparts who care for us two-legged patients. But they also… Read more »